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Symptoms of Jock Itch in Women

Despite what people believe, Tinea Cruris can occur in women just as much as in men. So, what is this? Well, it’s jock itch. Yes, you did read that right, jock itch! To be honest, there are a lot of women who believe this is only for men but it isn’t and anyone can be affected by it. You see, everyone has fungi within their bodies and it’s quite easy to develop a fungal infection especially around the foot and groin areas. If the fungi has moist environments to work with then it’s easy to breakout and can in fact spread between one person and another. However, what are the symptoms of jock itch in women?

Itchiness and Discomfort

Jock itch can cause anyone affected by it to feel some discomfort and pain. This can be very mild pain depending on the exact area affected but it may become even more painful as the conditions worsen. Having itchy skin is also quite a common symptom of jock itch and this can often be cause for concern. If you have severe itchiness within the skin you might scratch so much so that you actually break the skin and cause bleeding which again might cause further pain. It’s important to avoid itching of the skin as much as possible and use some creams to help soothe the area.

A Rash Developing

It doesn’t matter if you have been scratching the affected area, you will notice a rash forming. This circular rash can often be a sign there is a fungal infection and if that’s the case, a jock itch cure is greatly needed. You do not want the infection to get any worse and you really do need to speak to a doctor quickly. When you notice the rash it’s time to visit the doctor. You should get something such as an over the counter cream to help battle the infection.

Peeling of the Skin

If you have skin often dry and cracked it can be difficult to tell whether or not it’s something a little more serious but be warned, peeling and flaky skin is often a sign of jock itch. For those who don’t usually suffer from dry or cracked skin, know this is a symptom of jock itch. You might start to notice a drier feel to the skin which might crack and start flaky and eventually peeling. When this occurs, you need a jock itch cure to help the problem. This isn’t going to go away on its own so you need help to deal with this issue.

How to Avoid Tinea Cruris?

Ideally you need to ensure you cleanse your body and skin on a daily basis. Washing at least once a day will help keep Tinea Cruris away. However, you should also think about wearing looser clothing. Tight garments, especially underwear can be very uncomfortable and if you are sweating the moisture can build and cause a rash to develop. You also need to be wary what type of fabrics you’re using.

Solve Your Problem Today

Jock itch is very uncomfortable indeed and yet thousands of men and women suffer from it every year. You wouldn’t think women would have this problem but in truth they do and when it occurs, it must be dealt with effectively. Finding a good cure for this condition is a must and don’t be embarrassed to talk about this to a doctor, they are there to help. Find a jock itch cure and free yourself from the infection.

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