Thrush Treatment

Are You Looking for an Effective Thrush Treatment? Discover the Benefits of Tea Tree Oil!

Thrush up, thrush down, thrush this, thrush that! What actually is this thrush thingy and what are its causes, can it be treated? These are some questions being asked by a lot of people like you all over the world. Thrush usually is the direct result of a yeast proliferation in the body. It mainly causes sores on the tongue and around the inside of the mouth and results in a bad breath when not handled well.

As you know, bad breath can be embarrassing for the person suffering from such a disease and for those around him or her suffering from the bad breath resulting from this right situation! But not anymore; this article will reveal a very active method that you can apply to thrush treatment these days to fully destroy the embarrassing condition. At the end of this article, you would have found how to use tea tree oil as a remedy for oral thrush; let’s go on with it:

It’s Function

Tea tree oil is very easy to use. Tea tree oil acts by acting against thrush forming yeast by the compromising the membrane functions of yeast. An in-depth study conducted by the University of Western Australia reveals the process step by step.

It’s Usage

To use tea tree oil as an oral thrush treatment, you need to fill a cup with warm water, add about three drops of oil into it. Use water to gargle for about 30 seconds, then spit out. You can also use it to brush your teeth by adding a drop of the toothpaste before you brush your teeth.

It’s Uses in Infants

It is not optional that you use tea tree oils as a thrush treatment for infants due to its potential toxicity. In normal cases, oral thrush of an infant would generally disappear within a few weeks. If after this period you still observe it lingering, you should seek professional medical advice.

It’s Not to Do

When you choose to use tea tree oil as thrush treatment, you should take note of something very important; never swallow when using. When this happens, it can cause minor skin irritation. To make sure that this does not happen, you may need to do a patch test before use.


Although desert essence creates a mouthwash from tea tree oil, they do not claim that their mouthwash is effective because of a thrush treatment. Some people would have used it to heal their conditions and also swear by it. This mouthwash also contains other properties, including; Aloe Vera, spearmint, witch hazel, and glycerin.

If you opt to take an oral medication for your thrush treatment plan, consider drinking buttermilk two times a day and also eating more yogurt. These foods have been confirmed to diminish the symptoms of the infection. In addition, stay out of wet clothes and keep the vaginal area as dry as possible to dishearten the infection from rising more.

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